About Us

Professional Domestic and Commercial Painting Services in Melbourne

Established in 1997, Gazelle Painting offers professional domestic and commercial painting services throughout metro Melbourne. We are highly experienced Melbourne house painters, and we also paint the interiors and exteriors of hotels, motels, shops, hospitals, large commercial properties and multi-storey developments. Gazelle Painting also takes on insurance work.

Our Mission and Guarantee

At Gazelle Painting our mission has always been to provide clients with service that is punctual, reliable, respectful and professional.We assure our clients that we will turn up on time, treat their property and its occupants with respect, work on consecutive working days, and complete the job within the specified time to your satisfaction. Our highly trained professional team works with commitment and enthusiasm to ensure that we achieve our mission and meet our obligations.

Gazelle Painting also aims to complete each job with minimal disruption to your daily routine and lifestyle. This is why our team will be punctual and organised. We will take precautions to protect your furnishings and flooring and will clean up after each day’s work.

To ensure that our work not only has a beautiful finish but is also durable, Gazelle Painting only uses the best quality paint and equipment. From paint materials to brushes, you can expect only the best from our firm.

Rest Assured: We Are Insured Painters

Gazelle Painting has comprehensive insurance in the unlikely event that an injury or damage to property occurs whilst we are working on your property.